Sometimes it's hard to appreciate something when you grew up with it practically in your own backyard. That's the case for a Missouri river that was just named the most scenic canoe trip you can take in America.

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The Travel is a major website for...well, travel. Duh. They just shared a brand new article about how the Current River in Missouri is the most scenic canoe trip you can take in the United States. That's pretty high praise when you consider the infamous Snake River and others that are well known for being nice places to paddle. They're not wrong, by the way.

My dad and I chose the Eleven Point River as our canoe destination of choice, but it's common knowledge among Missourians that the Current River is really where the great water adventures are at.

What makes the Current River superior over all the other places you can canoe?

The Travel seems to think it's the combination of amazing views you get along the way combined with the ample camping locations. No doubt having many places you can pull out of the water and rest is a huge plus for making the canoe experience all it can be.

The clincher that seems to have made the Current River worthy of this canoe praise has to be the many caves and caverns that are viewable from the river. Once again, they're not wrong. When you think about it, try naming a river with more caves lining it. I can't even find a close second.

This is a nice reminder that some of the best places in America might just be in our own backyard.

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