It's not exactly breaking news that I'm not often serious. However, I do get serious when it comes to having a good time. It would seem I have something in common with a RC club in Missouri as a new video shows.

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If you've never heard of the King Of Missouri RC Competition, you're missing out. It's been happening for 7 years now. RC (meaning remote-controlled) vehicles are a weekend fix for many. These look like toys (and I guess technically they are), but there is some serious physics at work designing and building a RC that can maneuver through rocky terrain. This happened at the Flat Nasty Off-Road Park near Jadwin, Missouri.

I have to confess I was not aware of this group, but plan to follow them from now on as what they're doing looks like a ton of fun. There are a lot of ways you can follow too if you're interested. The Flat Nasty Facebook page seems active with lots of updates. The official Flat Nasty website is helpful, too.

If you're interested in building your own RC car/truck/thing, there are a lot of how-to videos. Be warned this is not an inexpensive hobby.

But, hey, it's just money, right? It's great to be serious about having fun like this group is doing. More power to a RC car kind of way.

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