So here we are days away from Christmas 2020. Do you have all your shopping done? Well, I have an idea for a free stocking stuffer that just might  be worth some big bucks years from now.  What is it you ask?

Well, it is a 2020 St. Louis Cardinal 2020 baseball pocket schedule for a season that really never happened. Some 30 to 50 years from now, it just might be worth some big bucks by the collectors that will be out there. A pocket schedule for "a season that never was".

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Here at the station, I saw the box filled with schedules and was going to throw it out and got to thinking, hey these might be worth something.  So I took a few and will give them to my grandkids and will ask my daughter to put them safely away for the future possibility that they might be valuable.

If you would like a free 2020 Cardinal pocket schedule, just stop by the station and pick one up with a limit of 5 per person (while they last). Lets just call it the Big Dog's present to all of you!

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