This past weekend it was back to school shopping time for my family, and when I grabbed the supply shopping list I was taken back by this bizarre request.

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This isn't the first time I have seen this request, but this time I am skipping it. On the supply list there is a request to label EVERYTHING with the child's name on it. Now, last year I did do this, with COVID and making sure my girls were not sharing, and just not knowing what was going to happen with their school supplies I did what was asked. However, this year not so much,

It took me a few days and several hours to make sure every crayon, marker, pen, highlighter, book, binder, bag and whatever else was needed was marked and labeled with my girls' name on it. I figured now that they are going into 5th and 3rd grade, I can skip this step, and just focus on writing their names on a few items. When each kid needs 48-sharpened pencils, and I have to label 96 (which I did last year) I am politely saying no thank you.

Instead, the girls will have their names on a few items and if they lose a pencil, well they have 47 more to lose in the year. I can't image doing this for more than two kids, and for those parents that do label everything I commend you; you have much more patience than I do.

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