We officially have the run time for Marvel's Avengers Endgame coming out April, 26th 2019. It will over three hours long plus all the mega trailers that will be playing before the massive film. If you're like me and have the worlds smallest bladder, this run time is a big problem. Every movie goer's worst fear is that you will run to the bathroom at the worst time and miss a massive plot point in the movie. Never fear, technology is always here to help, there is an app that will tell you when to leave the movie and go to the bathroom. This app promises to alert you to what is the best time for you to leave the film to go and use the restroom. The app promises not to let any spoilers out either.

This is technology at its finest. While it is absolutely insane to me to think about downloading an app to let me know a good time to go pee during a movie, some people will. America is brilliant for many reasons but being able to get rich off of creating this app is a perfect example of the American dream. I will not be downloading this app, I will just not drink fluids for 24 hours before seeing this film like a normal Marvel fan.

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