Mobile dating platform Tinder recently added a feature to their online dating app integrating your profession to your profile. In the few months the feature has been active, they've collected some interesting dating trend data. According to a recent post on their site, a female Tinder user is more likely to get a right-swipe (a positive reaction) if she's a physical therapist, while Pilots are the most desired male Tinder users. Radio Personality ranked #5 of the most right-swiped male professions, which is good news for me, as I am currently single. The Top 5 for each gender are below, with the full list available here.

Most Right Swiped Professions for Women:

  1. Physical Therapist
  2. Interior Designer
  3. Founder/Entrepreneur
  4. PR/Communications
  5. Teacher

Most Right Swiped Professions for Men:

  1. Pilot
  2. Founder/Entrepreneur
  3. Firefighter
  4. Doctor
  5. TV/Radio Personality