This morning, Sam and I asked you for some hiking suggestions. Sam isn't much of a hiker, and I haven't done any since I moved here two and a half years ago. I used to hike quite a bit when I lived in Upper Michigan and Southern California. Quick, easy access to mountains, forests and even islands along the shoreline of Lake Superior made hiking a regular activity for me. I was looking for suggestions on where to go around here, and you guys shared some great places to visit for a quick hike.


Steve Orr via Facebook

Right here in Hannibal, and by far the most suggested across all the social medias. This is definitely the first one I'll hit.

Riverview Park

Kurt Parsons

Also right here, and highly recommended. Could probably hit both in one day if I'm feeling adventurous.

Cuivre River State Park

Adrienne L. via Yelp!

Friend of the show Laura Sievert was pushing the definition of "Local Hiking Spot" by suggesting this state park all the way down in Troy (about 85 miles away), but the views do look fantastic, and several others vouched for this as a great place to hike.

Siloam Springs

IL Department of Natural Resources

When I first Googled "Siloam Springs," it gave me some results for Arkansas and I thought you guys must be out your damn minds to suggest I go all the way down to Arkansas. But then I fine tuned the Google keywords, and it gave me the Springs up in Clayton. It looks like a fun little hike.

Mark Twain Lake


via Google Maps

I couldn't pick just one place to showcase, and neither could you guys. So I just decided show off the breadth of Mark Twain Lake's domain. You could get lost for days. I mean that whimsically and literally. I should take a compass.

Anderson Conservation Area

Missouri Department of Conservation

This one isn't too far away, nestled right between Louisiana and Hannibal, and just north of both the Dupont and Shanks Conservation Areas, so I'm sure there's plenty of hiking all throughout those areas.