I will admit that I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. (The fact that I posted pictures of dogs in Star Wars costumers on Facebook earlier today should prove that point) But, I can't understand why our area is not a part of the "Great ShakeOut" earthquake drill today. Last time I checked, we still live on top of one of the most potentially violent earthquake faults in the world.  Hello?  McFly?  New Madrid Fault anyone?

I'm not normally a fan of drills, but gee whiz, even Guam gets to participate today.  The central US (hey, that's us!) gets to do a drill in February.  Yeah, like I want to do an earthquake drill in the snow.

If you have a few minutes, here's a video that is sure to scare the marbles out of you.

All kidding aside, being aware that we live in a potentially dangerous earthquake fault area is a good thing.  Have a contingency plan with your family.  Know what you would do in the event that we get hit with a major quake.  It will happen someday.  We just don't know when.

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