The St. Louis Blues are finally back in the Stanley Cup final! It has been 49 years since their last Stanley Cup final, and the world has changed a bit since then...So lets take a look at how much has changed.

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1. The worlds tallest building was still the Empire state building. That's right in 1970 the Empire State Building was still the tallest building in the world for another year, until it was passed by the former World Trade Center buildings in New York City.


2. The top grossing film of 1970 was a movie called "Love Story" it grossed $106 million dollars domestically. I personally have never heard of this film until writing this blog, apparently it stared Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal, and was nominated for 7 Oscars.

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3. Richard Nixon was president of the United States. He was in year two of his five years as president.

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4. The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV beating the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. It is still the Chiefs only Superbowl victory.

5. The worlds population was only 3.7 billion people. Compared to the current population of the planet of 7.7 billion people.

All jokes aside the Blues have NEVER won a Stanley Cup... that's sad.