The true meaning behind the name of each state in America isn't always what you might think. An article by Opposing Views has shed light on what our state names really mean.

The article used data collected by The Atlas of True Names to give us all a definition of what our state names. For instance:

Missouri means "the land of people with dug out canoes." These days you'll see more bass boats on Missouri lakes and rivers, though.

Illinois means "the land of those who speak normally." People from Chicago obviously weren't considered when the name was given. :)

Iowa means "land of the dormant ones." I guess the folks who named the state weren't in much a hurry to do it.

Other notable states name meanings include:

  • Kansas – Land Of The South Wind People (same as Arkansas)
  • Maryland- land of the rebellious one
  • Delaware- land of war
  • Louisiana- land of the famous people
  • Nevada- snowy land
  • Nebraska- land of the shallow water
  • Minnesota- land of the cloudy water

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