To quote William Shakespeare, "What's in a name? That which we call a Jeremy, would probably be a criminal in Illinois and six other states." I may have paraphrased, and taken a few creative liberties.

But according to the statisticians at Protection 1, Jeremy is the #1 most common name for criminals in Illinois, Michigan, Kansas (all states in which I have lived, and no my name isn't Jeremy), Nebraska, Colorado, Idaho and West Virginia. Jeremy even takes the crown as the most criminal name in the entire country. In Missouri, Bobby is the #1 most common criminal name, which ranked #5 overall. Iowa has a bit of good news, in that Adam is the state's #1, but failed to place in the top 20 overall. Come on Adams of the country, it's like you're not even trying! Wait... no, that's actually a good thing. You keep doing good in the world, Adams.

Among their charts are the top five names for each crime, and the top five crimes for each name. Assault is the #1 crime across all of the top names, with a various collection of drug charges, driving related charges, and robbery.

Protection 1

Interestingly, female names only top two states: Melissa in Delaware and Theresa in Vermont, and no female names crack the top 20 overall.

If you don't see your name on any list, they have a handy tool where you can search your name to find out what crimes are being committed by people sharing your name. I searched my real name, Assault and Robbery are the top two. I've never done either of those.