Of course the future is soon. That's the dictionary definition of future. More or less. But what if we could get rid of glasses? What if we could get rid of Lasik surgery? What if you could get better-than-perfect vision and never have to worry about it again?

I was 9 when I got my first pair of glasses. Ever since I've hated them. The teasings in grade school, the broken frames, the scratched lenses, the costs associated with eye exams and new frames. It's a burden I'd be gladly rid of.

Of course Lasik surgery is an option, albeit an expensive one, even with a decent vision plan. And there's the risk-benefit ratio that is favorable, but not perfect. I like what I've researched about the procedure, but there's still a nagging wariness at the back of my mind I just can't shake.

Enter Ocumetics, a Canadian company based in Surrey, near Vancouver. They're working on an implantable Bionic Lens™ that would completely change the future of vision correction. A permanent fix to vision acuity, that they are aiming to push to three times better than 20/20.

Last May, the CBC reported Ocumetics is on the verge of undergoing clinical trials for the lens, that would be implanted in the eye and take the place of the natural lens. It would do away with cataracts. It would do away with natural vision deterioration that accompanies the aging process. It would do away with laser surgery. It would do away with all other forms of corrective lenses.

As with any new technology and medical advancements, the full scope of the results remain to be seen, no pun intended, but with promising preliminary tests, and hopefully successful clinical trials, we could see the device and procedure available to the public within the next few years.

I for one would sign up in a heartbeat. I look forward to comfortably wearing 3D glasses at the movie theater. To finding a nice pair of sunglasses I don't have to spend  a small fortune on to get in my prescription. To go to a Halloween party with a mask on and not have it look ridiculous. I love Halloween, what can I say.

So to the good doctors at Ocumetics, I just want to say good luck, and we're all counting on you.