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Hannibal's Haunted Mansion
Most of us who have grown up in Hannibal have had an opportunity to tour our beloved historical Rockcliffe Mansion at least once over the years. Tourists to our hometown usually include a visit to Rockclilffe Mansion as well. I have talked with many people over the years who are adamant that the historical home is haunted.
Hannibal’s Favorite Urban Legend: Screaming Johnny’s
Anyone growing up in Hannibal during the late 1950's, 60's and 70’s has heard the tale of Screaming Johnny’s. According to the local legend, a young boy suffered a tragic death in the church building long ago, and his screams can still be heard coming from inside the abandoned Bear Creek Baptist Church late at night.
Carpet Bagger Antiques in Hannibal – Home to Unique Items and Lingering Spirits from the Past!
Carpet Bagger Antiques at 1408 Market Street in Hannibal is a fascinating place to spend a couple of hours on an idle afternoon, perusing an assorted array of antique furniture and items used by citizens of Hannibal in past years…possibly by our very own grandparents or great-grandparents. People have always loved their “stuff.” Is it possible that some of us are even reluctant to leave behind cer
The Haunted Block of Broadway in Hannibal
The Mary Ann Sweet Shop, once located at 613 Broadway in Hannibal, is still talked about to this day by those who were fortunate enough to experience their bittersweet hot fudge sundaes and other ice cream delights. Unfortunately, I did not have this privilege as I was born just a little too late. As a paranormal researcher, though, I did have the opportunity to learn about some of the spooky acti
Haunted Hannibal Coffee Shop
Java Jive in downtown Hannibal is a favorite gathering spot for locals to talk about topics ranging from politics to the paranormal. Tourists in the Main Street area are also drawn to the relaxing ambience and tasteful décor of the building. I first heard about a haunting at this location during the time that it was part of Haydon’s Hardware, and the ghost lingering at the location was known to be

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