Hit the road, summertime with your humidity and mosquitoes and your shandy beers! School, football and TV seasons are all about to (or already have) start anew, which means it's Autumn's time to shine. Autumn brings great movies, great beers, great weather, and my favorite holiday: Halloween.

This coming Saturday, August 19th, Spirit Halloween will open up in Oak Street Plaza in Quincy (and they're hiring if you're looking for some seasonal work).

Last year I visited the store when it first opened, and I wouldn't phrase it as "kid in candy store" level enthusiasm. That's much too calm and reserved. I was definitely at a heightened "Brodie in a Halloween store" level excited.


You know the Christmas song "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"? That was playing in my head as I wandered the store. So many costume ideas! Do I want to go as Freddy Krueger? I've already been Jason Voorhees. What about Rick Grimes?! Ooooo a vampire! Ehhhhh I did the vampire thing through most of my youth. WIGS! I'm bald, so maybe something with hair... So many options and 2 months doesn't seem like a lot of time to make a decision. There are plenty of super-heroes/villains and other famous characters to choose from. Batman or Joker? Who should I be?

Brodie & Bill on Halloween
Ben Braun

Last year I ended up going as The Walking Dead's Negan. This year I'm feeling something a little more... "named Gene." Either Gene from Bob's Burgers or Gene from Wet Hot American Summer.

Then of course the decorations. How many gravestones do I put up?! Or hanging bats? I'm not a fan of spiders, so I'll probably skip the cobwebs. I really should have a fog machine. Skeletons, zombies, ghosts, witches, A WEREWOLF! And for the record, this is all staying up year round. This will just be what my apartment is. All Halloween, all the time. I'll just throw a Santa hat or bunny ears on the skeleton for those holidays. I've been searching for a decorating theme. Rustic isn't me, modern is too clinical. Halloween... that's the ticket.

I grew up watching horror movies and shows, reading scary stories and novels, listening to spooky music. Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, the Universal monster classics, anything scary or fear inducing. I was a weird kid.

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