With Starbucks making the announcement that they'll be eliminating plastic straws from their stores by 2020, it got me thinking about plastic bags. Some counties already have a plastic bag tax--and other regions have banned them entirely. Could Quincy be next?

When I went to Chicago, I found out that there was a plastic bag tax of seven cents per bag when you made a purchase. Now as a tourist, I had no idea of this tax, but many Chicagoans avoid that tax by using reusable bags. Easy enough, right? But what if the entire state of Illinois decided to tax plastic bags?

I mean, the reason behind it makes sense; to avoid plastic grocery bags going to landfills. We have to take care of Earth after all. Would you be a fan of the ban? I am mixed about it. If Quincy put a ban on plastic bags and taxed for each bag used I would hope that the money would go towards something worthwhile like fixing roads, bridges, or simply improving the quality of life for the residents of Quincy.

However, when I do go to the grocery store I usually have several bags, and don't think I would have enough reusable bags to make one single shopping trip. You can use paper bags, but then what about the trees you are trying to save?

There is a bill on Governor Rauner's desk for a statewide ban on plastic, but as of right now he has not signed it. At this time, only Chicago, Oak Park, and Evanston have bans on plastic bags.