You know, you’d think that an extra summer holiday would be something we could all get behind. Yet, as I write this, I have a sneaking suspicion that’s not going to be the case here.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a pair of Illinois lawmakers (Andre Thapedi and Sonya Harper) are pushing to make August 4 a statewide holiday in honor of former President, Barack Obama. If made official, August 4 would be the 13th state-recognized holiday and the second official day of rest (the first being Abraham Lincoln’s birthday).

Technically, the proposed holiday would be observed on the Monday following the former President’s birthday. As presented, banks and state offices would be closed as would schools (though the vast majority would still be on summer vacation).

The move would not be unprecedented. Other presidents have statewide holidays in their honor including Ronald Reagan (California) and Lyndon Johnson (Texas), although school and state offices are not required to close.

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