This green building may not seem like a lot, but inside awaits adventure, romance, and thrillers.

Welcome to the Old Book Barn, located in Forsyth Illinois, a place where book lovers can spend hours looking for new books, novels, and old favorites. The Old Book Barn is a 14,000-square-foot warehouse that is a playground for anyone who loves books. If one of your goals/resolutions in the new year was to read more, I am sure that this place will have something for you.

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The warehouse is filled with DVDs, CDs, and over 250,000 new and bargain books. Only in Your State says there are books in all genres from best-sellers to help books.

Come to think of it if you like looking through bookstores to find different versions of the same book, I bet you can find several different versions such as covers and editions in the Old Book Barn. I don't collect books, but there are a few that I love that I think would be fun to try and find different covers and editions of. It seems like whether you love books or not the Old Book Barn would be a found place to just visit and search through.

That's the fun part when you antiquing or searching for something, the love of the hunt. I am pretty sure you can spend hours hunting for your favorite books.

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