This Missouri building has played many roles over the years. It was once a sanatorium to treat tuberculosis. Over its lifetime, it would also be a hospital and veteran's home. Now, it's been left abandoned with many items from its past remaining behind.

Asylum Projects documents much of what used to be the Missouri State Sanatorium in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. Here's how they described its beginnings:

Missouri Rehabilitation Center was originally established as the Missouri State Sanatorium in 1907 to treat tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (TB), also known as the "White Plague," was a major health problem. A diagnosis of tuberculosis often meant impending death and the only known treatment for it was fresh air, sunshine, nutrition and bed rest.

Recently, a team decided to explore the facility and see what's left inside its walls. The found a lot.

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Notice all of the tables and little parts of equipment still in place.

Abandoned Dallas via YouTube

This appears to be remnants of a chapel.

Abandoned Dallas via YouTube

The team did a follow-up investigation which showed some of the other wings of the former facility.

As MissouriNet reported, the Missouri State Sanatorium closed for good in 2014. It's been sitting in silence ever since.

I have to wonder if there are any plans to renovate or at least transfer some of the equipment left behind to another facility. Or, will this building sit in limbo with fingerprints of a different era when many veterans relied on the services provided within.

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