It's dangerous when you explore abandoned buildings as you can never be sure what you're going to encounter. Hazardous chemical, unstable walls and for this former Illinois hospital, flooded floors which have now become solid ice.

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One urban explorer in Illinois recently found a hospital that was apparently closed after a massive fire. He noted the unexpected hazard he found on one of the lower floors:

Exploring an Abandoned Hospital in Illinois with Everything Still Inside After A Massive Fire. I'm not sure when it closed down and I almost fell through the ice in the basement.

Here's what he found inside this former medical place.

As he showed in the video, the place has been allowed to decay into ruin with only a skeleton of what used to be patient rooms.

decayingmidwest via YouTube
decayingmidwest via YouTube

This is the dangerous basement with a floor that has been fallen through and the ice is precariously thin.

decayingmidwest via YouTube
decayingmidwest via YouTube

Some of the comments on the YouTube share of this place noticed something I didn't pick up on my first time watching:

Chanda-Aimé - "That looks like a money counter at the beginning. They may have been burning books to get rid of something👀"

Interesting. Wonder if there was a scramble to protect any patient records after the hospital was destroyed?

I find it hard to believe that locations like this couldn't be salvaged better even if the building itself is no longer useable. Yet another example of a place that used to be vital now a museum of decay.

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