Back in the 1980's, I had daydreams about cars like this. Rumors persisted there was a rare Lamborghini Countach somewhere in the Chicagoland area. Those rumors proved true as this epic car was just rolled out for all eyes to see.

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If you're into exotic cars (or cars period), you need to follow Dennis Collins on YouTube. His "Coffee Walk" video series never fails to be entertaining. He recently flew from Dallas to Chicago as he had been told that the owner of a rare Lamborghini Countach was ready to reveal (and sell) it. Imagine opening a garage and seeing this.

Many of us had posters of this car on our walls back in the day. This is the real deal.

How much is an exotic car like this worth? Depends. As Car & Driver mentions, the new 2022 version goes for more than $2.6 million dollars. That's a lot of crooked numbers and zeroes. Classic Driver has several Lamborghini's from that era easily going for between a half million dollars and up. It does seem like the Anniversary editions go for slightly less than the model that Dennis and his buddy picked up in Chicago. In that great condition, I can't even estimate what a collector would be willing to pay for this bad boy.

You simply don't see many 1980's Lamborghinis available in America in this condition. Jaw-dropping to see one like the Chicago guy just gave up in real life. Yet another reason why Dennis Collins is a must-follow on YouTube.

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