Runaway June's "Trouble With This Town," off of their Blue Roses album, provides what the trio calls an "angsty moment" on the project. The song tells the story of a breakup that takes place in a small town, turning every place that was once the scene of a happy memory into somewhere painful. 

The memory of writing the song, however, is far from heartbreaking; in fact, Runaway June say, the song emerged from a "dream write" with a couple of the songwriters they look up to the most. Read on to learn the story behind "Trouble With This Town."

Naomi Cooke: So, we wrote this song with Liz Rose and Chris DeStefano, and this was a fun write. The song is more like kind of an old Carrie Underwood song or Miranda Lambert song.

We wanted to talk about the experience of breaking up in a small town, and how everywhere you go, man, you're just reminded. It's so hard to go through this town and see those stories in a bench, in a street sign.

Man, Liz is so smart, and Chris is so good. Again, complete dream write. And we got our song in minor [key], and our angsty little moment in.

Hannah Mulholland: Liz is someone, too, who -- she'll just jot all these things in a million directions, like, upside down. She's just writing all these things, and it's like, "What are you doing?" She'll sit there for 30 minutes doing all this stuff, and all of the sudden, she'll just be like, "Here's the whole chorus."

Cooke: I know, you look at her, like, "Are you shopping online?"

Mulholland: Yeah, like, "What are you doing over there?" And then she's like, "Here's the rest of the song."

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