If you're planning to drive through the wooded highway area east of Farmington, Iowa, you might be interested to know that a mountain lion has just been spotted in that area.

Kelly Peck shared this somewhat startling report in the I grew up in Iowa! Group on Facebook tonight. Note: you'll need to join the group to see Kelly's original post:

I just saw a Mountain Lion cross Hey 2, 4 miles east of Farmington! No doubt in my mind! It was doing that slinky crouching crawl/run cats do, but it was about the size of a German shepherd and had that super long tail they have with a black tip. I have a neighbor about 6 miles away, as the crow flies, who had cougar tracks along his fence row, but I never dreamed I'd ever see one for myself! Kinda makes me leary to take the dog out at night😬

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That part to the east of Farmington that Kelly is referring to is approximately here:

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

My wife who grew up in Iowa told me she has driven through that area many times and it didn't surprise her at all that a mountain lion could potentially be lurking there. It sounds like Kelly is certain of what she saw and I don't doubt her. Have you ever had any experiences with big cats in southeast Iowa?

Most mountain lions are not aggressive unless they're cornered and avoid people whenever possible. However, I really don't want to test that theory myself.

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