For the past 69 years, the Toys For Tots campaign, run by the US Marine Corps, has been donating toys to needy children, relying on donations that stay local. And one local donor has been doing his best for the past three years to make sure there are plenty of toys to go around, and this year he outdid himself. He outdid everyone. And he's not even 10 years old.

Christine Adams Tracy Via Facebook

Blessed Sacrament 3rd grader Ricky Tracy, seen above dropping off his donations on December 18th, collected six bins worth of toys, the most of any individual donor. Ricky, the son of Paul and Christine Adams Tracy, collects money throughout the year at school, from friends, family and other community members, even bakes cookies in exchange for toy donations to the campaign.

In a Facebook post, Christine said, "Ricky did an awesome job at helping Toys for Tots this year. He collected over 6 bins full of toys for children in our area, the most one person has brought in. I think if he didn't make his goal of 500 he came close. Thank you to everyone that helped him." A follow-up count of the donations confirm that he did indeed hit his goal of 500.

Christine also said that donations come from all over, and that toys sometimes just show up in her office, or Paul's office or right on their doorstop, and have no idea who or where the donations come from.

Our hats are off to you, Ricky. Congrats, and we hope you can keep up this grand tradition of excellence you've started. I hope you get one of those cookies you baked. You've certainly earned it!

Christine Adams Tracy via Facebook