Oh, I’m gonna get some calls about this one.

According to the site onlyinyourstate.com, Quincy is one of the 13 “Most Dangerous Places In Illinois After Dark” due to our 205 violent crimes in 2015.

Now, technically we’re listed fourth after East St. Louis, Bloomington, and Chicago. But the author clearly states that this list is in “no particular order” (well played I suppose). Still, when you come out swinging with East St. Louis in that number one slot, calling it “easily the scariest place to be in Illinois after dark”, I have to wonder how truly random this list actually is.

In fact, it’s likely no coincidence that the author, Amanda Glandon, peppers her…oh let’s just call it an “article”…with half of the top ten largest cities in Illinois (Chicago, Rockford, Springfield, Peoria, and Champaign). After all, more people makes for scarier sounding (although largely uncited) violent crime statistics as well as more freaked out people clicking the ‘share’ button.

The full list in perhaps no particular order but maybe some degree of order is…

  1. East St. Louis
  2. Bloomington
  3. Chicago
  4. Quincy
  5. Alton
  6. Carbondale
  7. Champaign
  8. Kankakee
  9. Peoria
  10. Springfield
  11. Rockford**
  12. Dekalb
  13. Harvey

Just last week, the author wanted everyone to go to Rockford for the holidays, calling it “The Most Festive Christmas Town in Illinois”. But definitely don’t go there now. Glandon suggests “it might be best to stay home”.

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