I'm not old enough to remember the true golden era of arcades. That magical time in the 70s and 80s, a little bit into the early 90s, just before home consoles really took hold. But I did spend some of my youth in arcades, playing classic games. Few are as classic, or iconic, as Space Invaders.

Ah jeez, I got nervous just watching that.

Space Invaders turns 40 this year, and to help the game mark four decades of going back and forth across the screen, faster and faster each time it descended, Scottie's Fun Spot is letting you play for free. Yep, you didn't have to pump dozens, literally dozens, of dollars in quarters into the machine all those years ago. You just had to play the long con by waiting 40 years in order to get a free play.

Earlier today, Scottie's Fun Spot put this flyer up on their Facebook. If you share it, you get a free play on Space Invaders. I say that's totally worth it. Why not go give it a share, you get a free turn on Space Invaders.

Now to just wait 17 years for the 40th anniversary on Area 51.

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