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Mario Kart is Coming to our Area!
Video games becoming reality, as you have a chance to race in a real world version of the classic Nintendo game Mario Kart. You will have the opportunity to dress up as your favorite Mario Kart character and race in the Mushroom Rally.
Local Fraternity is Helping the Homeless
This annual event is held to raise awareness about all of the issues that people who are homeless face in our community. Come rain or shine the Brothers of Delta Upsilon will be outside of Hy-Vee that weekend collecting anything you can give, from food donations to cash, and donating everything they…
Concerts in the Plaza in Quincy
I can not wait for this to start, this seems like the perfect way to start enjoying the nice weather coming in May. What could be better than eating some lunch outside and enjoying some live music on your lunch hour? Answer absolutely nothing.

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