Old Dominion's new single "Some People Do" gets the country band out of their comfort zone. Readers can press play above to hear the piano ballad, which will officially be at country radio in early March.

"Some People Do" eschews Old Dominion's usual country-meets-rock-meets-pop sound and instrumentation for a stripped-down, simple piano melody. Fans used to the band's good-time, optimistic radio singles will see a different side of the group with this one.

"I know you're hurt / I know it's my fault / But I've kept 'I'm sorry' locked in a vault," lead singer Matthew Ramsey begins. The lyrics are a reflection on things done wrong, hurt feelings and ended relationships, all leading into a chorus during which Ramsey stretches to the high end of his vocal range.

"Some people quit drinkin' too much / Some people quit lyin' / Some people decide to grow up / But it's never good timin'," he sings. "Most wouldn't forgive what I put you through / But I'm here tonight hopin' some people do."

"We pushed ourselves on this album. This song is a side of us we haven’t shown as blatantly," Old Dominion say of "Some People Do" on Twitter, "and it's a little scary to put out into the world. But part of our job as songwriters is to tell the truth, even if it’s hard to go there."

"Some People Do" is the third single that Old Dominion have released from their newest album, a self-titled project released in 2019. It follows the No. 1 singles "Make It Sweet" and "One Man Band," which bring Old Dominion to six consecutive and seven career chart-topping songs.

"We're just very comfortable and very confident in our place right now. We're really enjoying where we are, and great things are happening," Old Dominion say. "That feeds our soul. And we're just really happy with the music that we're making."

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