While driving to work, I saw an event that is not too common in the City of Quincy - deer running across 18th Street.

This isn't the first time I have seen this. Last fall I happened to be glancing out my window facing State Street, when I saw a lone deer galloping down the block, then traveling south on 9th.

I placed a call to the Quincy Police Department to make a report. The officer who answered told me that this is not something that is reported frequently. When they do receive those calls, the report is forwarded to Animal Control.

I spoke with Quincy Animal Control Officer Steve Scherer. He explained that several deer migrate their way into the city at night, but most will leave before dawn. Occasionally you will find stragglers.

When Animal Control receives a call about deer running through Quincy, one of the main concern is drivers safety. Officer Scherer attempts to steer the deer away from major thoroughfares, so that they can safely migrate back to the woods on their own.

If you live in the City of Quincy and you see deer running through your neighborhood, call Quincy Animal Control at 217-222-9360.

Here is a video I shot of this morning's deer sighting. This was taken on 16th Street, between Maine and State.

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