If you like to power your own means of water travel, you no longer have to spend six bucks a year to do so. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced that starting June 1st, no more licenses will be needed on boats like kayaks, canoes and rafts while out on Illinois bodies of water.

This is a huge plus if you plan on spending as much time at "the lake" as possible through out the summer which will most likely be a hot one. As long as your boat doesn't have a motor, you're all set. The DNR said it just became to problematic trying to attach the stickers to some kayaks and canoes, so they just did away with the whole thing.

Now I just have to figure out what the size requirements are to technically qualify as one of those kinds of boats. Because if I can get a proper sized sailboat, I'm totally gonna be a pirate on... let's say Lake Shelbyville, and not have to pay six bucks to do it. Not that paying a registration fee has ever really stopped a pirate.

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