Well, this is a twisted story - literally in a snake kind of way. There's a new episode of 48 Hours that recently devoted an episode to the murder of a Missouri snake breeder. Spoiler alert: he wasn't killed by snakes.

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This is the story of Ben Renick. Nearly 5 years ago, a 911 call from Ben's wife Lynlee stated she had found him murdered according to CBS News. It was quite a scene to investigate for sheriff deputies since Ben's lab was filled with 3,000 exotic and many venomous snakes.

Ben's love and care for snakes is documented on World of Bull Pythons. He shared details of how he got started in the hobby that became a profession:

I have always had a fascination with wildlife, which began at a very early age. I spent a lot of time going on hikes and collecting various insects, snakes, and lizards...So, my parents took me to a local pet shop where I ended up with my very first snake, a Yellow Rat Snake. Overtime I accumulated a few more Kingsnakes and Milk Snakes as well. But then I got my very first Ball Python, and it was all over from there, I was hooked!

Now that Ben is gone, his life is now a 48 Hours TV episode.

According to the CBS report, the investigators turned their attention to Lynlee and her ex-boyfriend as suspects in Ben's killing. Missouri Highway Patrol investigators also investigated Ben's brother Sam, but eventually ruled out his involvement.

After a brutal trial, Lynlee Renick was found guilty of murder in the 2nd degree and armed criminal action.

This whole twisted snake-y mess has resulted in an episode on 48 Hours which you can stream through Paramount Plus.

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