In case you didn't know, snakes like to hide in your vehicle. There's one Missouri lady that knows this personally as she felt something slither against her foot as she was cruising down the road.

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I saw the Kansas City Star share the interesting situation that developed for a Missouri woman who knew someone/something was helping her drive. The Pacific Police Department shared the culprit on their Facebook page.

I can't tell what type of snake that is and the Pacific Police didn't say. Based on the shape of the head, I don't think it is...but I also wouldn't want to get close enough to check.

One website in Fort Worth shared a helpful tip about snakes in engines since Texas folks know a thing or two about snakes. They mentioned opening the vehicle hood a few minutes before you leave to give whatever happens to be hanging out there time to go elsewhere.

Snakes for Pets shared some good pointers for signs that a snake may be in your vehicle including shed skins and/or regurgitated food near your transportation. If you see that, you know you likely have a hitchhiker that you probably won't enjoy riding along.

Fortunately, the Missouri lady and the police were able to get the snake free from the car so it could go back to doing snake things.

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