If you laugh at this, I'll understand. People have noticed some highway and street lights have turned purple. It's a real thing and there is a real explanation, but there are many who believe there are nefarious reasons why the light color change is happening.

I first saw this discussed on Marfoogle News. It's in regards to street lights that are changing color. It led me on a wild search to verify if what I heard was true.

If you Google "why are street lights turning purple?", your jaw will drop when you see how many news stories have been done on the subject. It's happening across the country and I've found stories about the street light issue in Missouri and Illinois, too. News Channel 20 out of Springfield explored why it's happening there. They quote one of the engineers in Springfield who mentioned it was a flawed batch of LED's received years ago that have filters that are failing.

If you can accept that at face value, mystery solved. However, there are a growing number of people who are questioning how this is happening simultaneously across the country. This guy did his own research into the possibility that this is really a black light surveillance network being set up.

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I am normally a believer of the simplest answer is normally the right one. BUT, I think it is highly suspicious that this is happening in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and I could go on and on and on. It's literally all over the country.

Yes, it's a conspiracy theory that are a dime a dozen these days, but I'm not the only person asking the question if there's something more to this.

Like I said, you won't hurt my feelings if you laugh at this subject. I'm curious if you've noticed this purple light thing also and wondered why.

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