Do you decorate your steering wheel? Did you know there are certain items that are forbidden and/or a really bad idea? The feds have now issued a warning to Missouri drivers and others who practice this enhancement of their vehicle steering apparatus.

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This warning comes from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. I will admit that at first I thought it was a joke until I saw it come directly from the feds and now I understand why.

What am I not allowed to put on my Missouri steering wheel?

Here's the exact wording from the NHTSA:

Don’t Buy or Use Steering Wheel Decorative Emblem Decals

What's the problem with a steering wheel decoration? They say that there is a real danger that the decoration could injure you if it became detached in the event of a crash.

The NHTSA has peculiar tastes when it comes to decorative steering wheel things saying they're "usually covered with rhinestones or other shiny decorations, with an adhesive back that covers the vehicle’s logo in the center of the steering wheel".

Rhinestones? Glen Campbell would be so proud.

This news will be bad news for some sellers on Amazon and this YouTuber.

The steering wheel decoration issue is a serious one from the NHTSA. It's no laughing matter if something sharp becomes dislodged and becomes a projectile heading toward you in a worst-case crash scenario.

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