This Missouri dog owner thought it would be a good idea to have a huge wall hang of his Golden Retriever named Floyd. According to Floyd, this Missouri dog owner was very wrong.

This happened in Kansas City recently. Here's what the dog owner had to say for himself and his brilliant art idea:

I received a photo blanket of my golden retriever, Floyd, for Christmas 2021, from my boyfriend’s mother. We wanted to show Floyd and we soon found out that he was not a fan.

Make sure your sound is turned up for this one and you'll hear exactly how Floyd feels about this massive self-portrait.

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As you would likely expect, the YouTube comments are having a field day with this one:

Magdat - " Dude, do I need to really warn you about the danger here?? There's the head of another, giant dog floating into the bedroom, man! What did you put in my bowl, bruh?! "

Yesica Sari - "He got scared by that giant face of him."

My theory is that Floyd doesn't see a large picture of himself. He sees a potentially very large competitor for food and his owner's affection.

The idea probably looked good on paper when the owner came up with it. In reality, probably better find a home for this wall hang where Floyd won't be.

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