Some Missouri hunters were out waiting for a whitetail to pass by their deer stand when they had a visitor of a different kind.

If you weren't aware, we're currently in the middle of Missouri archery season as Missouri Hunting Outfitters shared. Based on the video description, this happened in south central Missouri just a few days ago. Hunters in their deer stand were being investigated by a bear below them.

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I've studied bear behavior for years and based on the mannerisms of that animal, he was at least considering coming up that tree to further investigate the hunters.

Bears have a sense of smell unmatched in nature and can reportedly smell potential food miles away as estimated by the National Park Service. There's no doubt this bear knew exactly what waited for him up in their tree.

If you find yourself in a situation where you sight a bear in the wild, it's best to let the bear know you're there in a calm but firm voice. A quick "hey bear" said repeatedly is normally enough to discourage the animal from thinking of you as prey. What you don't want is to surprise a bear which is what I feared could happen with these hunters keeping silent.

All's well that ends well as this bear decided to not mess with the hunters and go back to doing bear things. It could have gone the other direction entirely.

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