If you are fascinated with wolves, you might be interested in a new trail cam share that shows a pack including one wolf in particular who is considered a mortal enemy of beavers.

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Voyageurs Wolf Project is an interesting Facebook page that documents the activities of a pack in Minnesota. Here's the trail cam video (with backstory) that they just shared.

In case you can't read the smaller print, here's the key part of their status about the beaver "getter":

The weathered gray wolf leading the pack is Wolf V083, the famed “beaver killer” (he killed 42 beavers in 2020!) and breeding male of the pack.

20 beavers in one year? That's a busy wolf. If you're not familiar with wolf pack dynamics and hierarchy, the alpha wolf is the leader. He's also the one in charge of breeding and growing the pack. I've seen video of packs where the alpha wolf will walk in the back so he can keep an eye on the weaker members and respond to threats. It's a fascinating way that wolf packs govern themselves for survival.

Do yourself a favor and follow the Voyageurs Wolf Pack on Facebook. If you are interested in these animals, they are one of my favorites in the Midwest.

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