This week, country stars released an exciting selection of new songs that range from heartbreak ballads to good-time romps and everything in between. Read on to hear all the latest new tracks! 

Midland, "Cheatin' Songs":

In their newest tune, Midland takes on an old country theme in a fun and catchy way. In “Cheatin’ Songs” the group sings about their lady stepping out on them. With the scent of cigarettes, little black dresses and vague answers, Midland tells the story of a girl that makes them realize heartbreak is back in style. “She’s bringin’ back cheatin’ songs / The kind of hurt that gets you singin’ along / Something circa 1973 / She’s lying with him and she’s lying to me," the trio croons. "She’s bringin’ back diamond rings / Slipped in the pocket of her tight, fittin’ jeans / It’s back in fashion doin’ somebody wrong / She’s bringin’ back cheatin’ songs.” -- CC

Madison Kozak, "First Last Name":

Country newcomer Madison Kozak's “First Last Name” is an endearing ballad about the singer's relationship with her father. Despite having grown up in a large family, Kozak has a strong relationship with her dad, and warmly looks back on their adventures growing up traveling around to play country music shows.

Kozak began the songwriting process by sifting through some of her sweetest childhood memories. “I started playing these vignettes in my head from when I was younger, like a home movie of different times when we would hop in the car and drive four hours to go play a 20-minute set with a band we'd never met, singing the Dixie Chicks at the top of our lungs in that Cadillac, or him coming to my dance competition,” she recalls in a press release. “I walked into the writing room and said to [co-writers] James [Slater] and Claire [Douglas], ‘I want to write a song about my dad.’” --CC

Joe Diffie, "As Long as There's a Bar":

Celebrated '90s hitmaker Joe Diffie returns to familiar stomping grounds in "As Long as There's a Bar," a feel-good ode to all the barrooms where he feels at home. Written by Galen Griffen, Jessica Pearson and Keith Burns, the track's aesthetic hearkens back to the string-soaked, up-tempo tunes that became a signature for Diffie early in his career. Just like settling into an old, familiar barstool, the singer's voice feels natural on "As Long as There's a Bar."

"I like it because I think a lot of people feel that way," Diffie tells Rolling Stone of the song. "As long as there's a bar, I've got friends." The new tune comes off of an upcoming new album for Diffie, which does not yet have an official release date. However, "As Long as There's a Bar" may be a good indicator of the new music's direction: "I went that route -- finding songs I really liked and that I related to. Really, it's not any more complicated than that," Diffie explains to Rolling Stone -- CL

Jessie G, "Whatever This Is":

Country newcomer Jessie G has released a new single all about young love that goes with the flow. "Whatever This Is" is a fun-loving track that highlights all of the amazing feelings and adventures of being young and in the early stages of a new relationship.

Jessie recently kicked her country music career into full gear by joining Gretchen Wilson's record label and putting pen to paper for new material. “These new songs have helped me find my voice and who I am, both in the writing room and in the studio,” says Jessie G in a press release about diving headfirst into songwriting. “This has been one of the biggest growing experiences both personally and in my career.” "Whatever This Is" was written by Jessie, Wilson and Sarah Beth Terry. -- CC

Kendall Marvel, "Hard Time With the Truth":

Kendall Marvel's moody, mid-tempo "Hard Time With the Truth" was co-written with Dan Auerbach and stalwart traditionalist John Anderson (who, just like Marvel, is is in the midst of making an Auerbach-produced record). As he prepared to enter into that co-writing session, Marvel admits to Rolling Stone, he was a little starstruck by the idea of collaborating with Anderson.

"He's right there at the top with Hank Jr. and Randy Travis for me," Marvel explains. "He's got that big voice. I call him a drive-by singer -- he sounds like he's in a car going by when he sings. But he was so cool, it was like I'd known him forever." The song is the leading track off of his upcoming new record, Solid Gold Sounds, which is due for release on Oct. 11. -- CL

Lillie Mae, "A Golden Year":

Lillie Mae's latest release, "A Golden Year," came from an experience that the artist describes as almost divinely inspired. The singer was preparing to leave after a stay at Refuge Arts, a former monastery-turned-artists'-retreat set on 11 acres in Appleton, Wisc. "It was the last day of my golden year (26) and we were pulling out heading home...Last check in the building and waiting on brother Frank...I heard from the chapel what seemed to be angels singing," Mae explains in a press release. "And they sang the whole song to me and the words flew out faster than I could find a pen in the office." The song comes off of Mae's upcoming project, Other Girls, which is due for release on Aug. 16. -- CL

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