I'm going to attempt to write this post without jumping on a soapbox, but I will say this; people NEED to start taking Illinois' shelter-in-place order seriously.

I know staying home all the time drives a person stir crazy, but if we don't do it, people will continue to die from COVID-19. It's just that simple, and it is NOT okay.

I understand that not all families have the option of leaving their kids at home while they shop for necessities, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and now Menards has been forced to enforce strict rules about who can enter their stores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the record I need to state, as I write this I have not been able to confirm that these rules are in effect at Rockford-area Menards as well, but I have seen a ton of people sharing this post on social media, so I'm assuming it is true. It makes sense that it would be true for all Menards stores.

Obviously, some people are not happy about this new Menards policy feeling it is discriminating to single parents who have no child-care options, which I totally understand, but at the end of the day it's about protecting as many people as possible and flattening the curve.

Besides protecting ourselves and our families from contracting the virus, sacrifice, respect and consideration for others is something we also need to focus on during the COVID-19 pandemic. If we don't stick together and do our very best to stay home, this virus will never go away and people we love will continue to die.

I am not okay with that, and I truly hope you are not either.

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