Maren Morris is in the final few months of her pregnancy with her first baby, and although she admits there are some changes she has to acknowledge, there are some things that she just will not throw the towel in on.

In an official "third trimester" shot she posted Monday (Jan. 20) to Instagram, Morris writes with determination, "take my jawline but don't take my crop tops." The photo, of course, shows her looking admirably fit for a woman so far along in her pregnancy, with a belly proudly displayed by—yep—a black crop top and matching leggings. As for the jawline issues? We'd say that's just getting a little granular in her own mind. Fans agreed, admiring her perfect pregnant physique and assuring her that she looks amazing.

Morris is keeping a lighthearted attitude about what many women find to be the hardest stage of pregnancy, making jokes on social media about not only her physical, but also her emotional changes. "Third Trimester Hormone Update: My nail lady said 'your face doesn’t even look that fat' and I genuinely teared up I was so touched," she tweeted on Jan. 14.

The baby, a boy, whose father is Morris' husband Ryan Hurd, will be making his debut in late March or early April. Morris, a trouper who has no plans of slowing down even with a nearly full-term babe on board, will still be performing in March prior to giving birtth. "Pregnant AF at the Houston Rodeo? Yee Haw," the singer tweeted in response to the news of her upcoming March 7 performance at the famed Houston Rodeo. Will she wear a crop top? Let's certainly hope so!

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