Maren Morris is one of the very special guests who are gracing Sesame Street during its 50th season on the air. The country and pop singer stopped by Sesame Street for an episode titled "Let's Draw" that airs Saturday (Feb. 15), and she performed a special song to encourage young viewers not to give up when the going seems tough.

Morris joins some of the most beloved cast members of Sesame Street in the clip above, including Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Elmo, Grover and more. She's singing a song titled "Oops! Whoops! Wait, A Ha!," according to CMT, which the writers of the iconic children's show composed to encourage their young viewers to keep at it when they're having trouble mastering a new skill.

She's accompanied by some call-and-response backing vocals from the show's iconic cast, and they illustrate the point of the song by trying, and failing, at some new tasks before finally figuring out how to move forward. Cookie Monster learns from burning a batch of cookies he's baking, while Big Bird has to miss a few times before figuring out how to shoot hoops. Morris herself takes a hula-hoop for an unsuccessful spin in the video above, rolling her eyes at her own failure before ultimately succeeding.

Morris filmed the Sesame Street spot in November, and she took her husband, Ryan Hurd, to the set to celebrate his 31st birthday. The shoot took place just over a week after she revealed that she's expecting a baby boy in March, and she's not really showing in the video for her performance.

Morris' Sesame Street appearance premiered at 9AM ET on Saturday on HBO. Watch it by clicking the video at the top of the story.

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