How do you explain to your mother-in-law that her car is completely destroyed? Blame it on a bear. That's what one man did and he remarkably wasn't lying.

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According to the video share, Cody Gillotti heard a loud noise and saw lights on near his mother-in-law's car.

I had opened up my backdoor where my personal truck was parked,” he said. “I saw my driver’s side door open with my daughter’s car seat on the ground next to the door, I figured something was up. I took a quick peek down the hill, noticed there was fog and condensation on the windows of my mother-in-law’s car, and knew it wasn’t her.

Cody was correct. It wasn't his mother-in-law, but I've gotten this look myself when I'm in a special brand of trouble.

How would you love to have the job of that sheriff's department deputy of having to open that car door? Nope. Even wearing Kevlar wouldn't make that safe. The good news is that the bear was safely freed and no humans were injured. The car, on the other hand, was completely nuked.

They didn't share video of the interior of the car, but if you wonder how much damage a bear can do to a vehicle, this is what happened to a family van in Colorado a few years ago.

Here's hoping that Cory's mother-in-law gets her car fixed or replaced soon. Here's also hoping that the bear is in a better mood than he was in that car window. Yikes.

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