Luke Combs' fiancee, Nicole Hocking, has had enough of people's bodyshaming -- not toward her, but toward her future husband. She recently sent a message to the bodyshamers of social media, in no uncertain terms letting them how she feels about them hating on her fiance.

It seems that some internet denizens have been heckling Hocking for, in her words, "dating a bigger guy." On Monday (Oct. 7), though, she clapped back: "To everyone currently being less than pleasant to me on Twitter for dating a bigger guy," she wrote above a joke Facebook Marketplace posting advertising free "these hands": a pair of hands clenched into fists.

"Also grow up," Hocking added in a second tweet. "It’s 2019. The double standard for this is absolutely disgusting."

On Wednesday (Oct. 9), Hocking posted a new tweet: "Well, those last couple tweets got a lil out of hand," she writes above a GIF of America's Next Top Model judge Miss J looking shocked -- but certainly not apologizing for her words.

Combs and Hocking have been together since 2016, well before he was a major name in country music. "I didn't have anything [career-wise] when we met," Combs tells People. She works for BMI, a music rights management organization.

Combs and Hocking got engaged in 2018; however, even before they were dating, she inspired one of his biggest hits to date, "Beautiful Crazy."

"That got me some serious brownie points," Combs told ABC News in 2018. "[I wrote that for her] before we were officially dating."

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