Luke Bryan won't attend fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry's wedding; however, Bryan gave his friend some advice before she walks down the aisle with actor Orlando Bloom.

"You can give advice, but marriage is a living, breathing thing," Bryan tells People. "My thing is — it might sound cliché — but just don’t go to bed mad at each other."

The "What She Wants Tonight" singer adds, "Even if you do go to bed mad at each other, don’t let it snowball."

"Me and Caroline get at each other as much as anybody, but we try not to let it drag out and or bury our problems," Bryan insists.

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Bryan also praised Perry for being "such a good-hearted person." "When I'm around her I almost forget how big of a global star she is," he says.

During a group interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Perry revealed that she won't be inviting her fellow judges to her wedding to Bloom, joking: "I can’t afford them."

In reality, she clarifies, "It’s going to be a small wedding."

While time will tell if Perry heeds Bryan's advice, it is clear that the singer knows what he is talking about. Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have been married for 13 years and share two sons together. They also raise Bryan's nephew, Til.

American Idol airs Sunday nights on ABC.

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