While on this summer's Sunset Repeat Tour, Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell decided to play a prank on their buddy, country newcomer Jon Langston.

The 25-plus date tour, headlined by Bryan—with Swindell and Langston as support acts-kicked off in May and runs through October, so this may not be the last ribbing Langston gets from his two country chums, but let's get the details.

According to Langston, the story begins innocently enough with David Lee Murphy's '90s country hit "Dust on the Bottle."

"We go out onstage, and we were singing 'Dust on the Bottle' one night, all three of us," Langston tells Taste of Country. "I was singing the chorus and I look around and no one’s beside me. I’m on the end of the catwalk or whatever and I’m like, well, I’m by myself.

"I turn around a minute later and they're sitting on the steps on the stage way in the back just waving at me like, you got it rookie! And I’m like alright guys, cool," he laughs.

So Langston began plotting his (literally sweet) revenge by attempting to "ice" Bryan and Swindell onstage at one of their following shows. For those unfamiliar with "icing" it's a 2010-era drinking game where one person hides a Smirnoff Ice malt beverage, and when the target discovers it, he or she has to get down on one knee and chug the entire drink.

However, Langston's revenge didn't quite go as planned: "I tried to 'ice' 'em the other day and it didn’t work," he admits. "I was like, when they go out onstage, I’m gonna put two Smirnoff right there and just walk back and wait on it, but they’re veterans. They acted like they didn’t see it. They just turned around and then turned right back."

Pranks aside, Langston's rising star in country music is no joke; his latest single "Now You Know," shipped to country radio in late June.

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