For six decades Bazooka Gum has been available for American's chewing pleasure. In all the years of my playing ball, I hardly ever went to a game without my supply for the night. It was and still is the best gum out there, plus you get the added bonus of reading the stories of Bazooka Joe and his friends.  

On top of that, I would save the wrappers and send them in for prizes. As a kid, I thought those prizes were wonderful, but as I got older I realized I chewed an awful amount of gum for the prize I ended up getting back.

I was reading that Bazooka Gum has put out a book for kids to read and recently discontinued the comics with each piece of gum in lieu of brain teasers instead. It's probably not a bad idea. As we work out our jaws it probably is wise that we also work out our brain at the same time.

I was just glad to hear that Bazooka Joe will continue to be available. Here's to blowing bubbles and fielding fly balls.  It brings me back to my youth.

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