I would imagine that many small towns in America would look similar to what I've just discovered. It's a very lonely video of what's left of part of downtown Breckenridge, Missouri.

Much of this is drone video showing part of downtown Breckenridge. Specifically, it's W Broadway in the town. Here's a snippet of what was shared on YouTube about this video:

I have seen the business districts of hundreds of small towns, and this is about as bad as I’ve seen. Hardly any useable building in the downtown business district.

See if this video makes you wish we could travel back 50 years in time when this was an active Missouri downtown.

If you're not familiar with Breckenridge, Missouri, it's located just off 36 west of Chillicothe.

Google Maps Satellite View

If you look at W Broadway in Breckenridge on Google Street View, you'll see much of the same thing shown in the video.

Google Maps Street View

Wikipedia documents what little record there is of Breckenridge stating it was laid out in 1856 and named after a vice-president. The area is probably best known as the location of a vicious battle in the Mormon war of 1863 at Haun's Hill:

The Haun’s Mill Massacre (also Hawn’s Mill Massacre) occurred on October 30, 1838, when a mob/militia unit from Livingston County, Missouri, attacked a Mormon settlement in eastern Caldwell County, Missouri,

It's important to be clear that Breckenridge is not abandoned as a town. This street is more or less deserted, but there are 383 that still call this town home based on the last census. That is a decline of almost 10% from the census before that, so it's safe to think this area is slowly drying up like this lonely main drag that used to be the center of a lot of lives.

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