Lee Brice comes by his ability to write such emotional songs honestly. The country singer shares his love of a classic tear-jerking movie in a new interview that reveals his soft side.

Brice stopped by to visit Taste of Country to promote his self-titled fourth album, which he released on Friday (Nov. 3). The album's lead single, "Boy," is an emotionally impactful ballad in the tradition of Brice classics including "I Drive Your Truck" and "I Don't Dance."

Brice was nice enough to answer a few last questions as he was headed out, and he revealed that the movie that makes him ugly cry is The Notebook -- which means, hey, who are we to judge? We're tearing up right now just thinking about that homage to undying love. Don't push us on The Notebook -- you don't want to.

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Brice also reveals his spirit animal, what he's afraid of, his favorite holiday, his go-to karaoke song and more in the video above.

Ania Hammar hosts Last Question. a Taste of Country feature interview that asks artists all the personal questions fans want to know. Kelsea Ballerini, Chris Young and Brett Eldredge are just a few examples of the country singers who have given their time to answering her shouted questions as they head out the door to their next appointments.

Brice invites fans into his personal life more than ever before on his fourth studio album, especially on "Boy."

"Number one, ('Boy') just stated where I’m at in my life," he tells Taste of Country. "It’s a clear picture of that. Number two, I wanted something that just popped out at you and when I heard the first line in ‘Boy:’ ‘Boy, you're gonna know it all,’ it grabbed my attention immediately. I knew I was gonna cut it and put it out on the radio. … It’s where I’m at in my life right now, so it’s an honest truth."

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