Lanco's new single is a chest-pounding anthem about moving forward no matter what challenges you face. "Rival" is the lead single from the group's upcoming sophomore album.

A quirky banjo riff provides the main theme for "Rival," framed by heavy drums and guitars and a unison group vocal part that transforms the high-energy song into a fist-pumping anthem.

"I rumble and I roar / I'm winning, I ain't even keeping score / It's a movement, a revival / And if you ain't with me, you're the rival," the chorus states.

Lanco frontman Brandon Lancaster and drummer Tripp Howell co-wrote "Rival," building from a groove that Howell took to Lancaster after a concert one night. Producer Jay Joyce provides a modern production sheen to the track for a song that's very forward-looking as Lanco moves into a new career phase. Blistering harmony guitar solos add a unique sonic twist to a track that's unlike anything else that's currently at country radio.

“There's so much pressure to be like someone else or to live up to some outside expectation, especially with social media and how perfect it makes everything look,” Lancaster says in a press release. “We wrote this song from the perspective of no matter where you come from, be proud of who you are and the way you’re creating your own path. And if anyone doesn’t like it, just chalk them up as a rival and keep doing your thing.”

“We realized that everyone has faced something they have to stand up against. It isn’t about fitting into any mold, it’s about sticking up for what you believe in and having that crew of friends around that will always have your back,” Howell adds. “That’s definitely a big part of our story. We didn’t know anything or anyone when we started out trying to break into this business, and I think that underdog mentality really drove us in the beginning.”

Lanco shot to success in 2017 with the release of "Greatest Love Story," which has since been certified double platinum. The group released their debut album, Hallelujah Nights, in January of 2018. They're currently on the road with Luke Combs on his Beer Neer Broke My Heart Tour. Lanco have not announced the details of their forthcoming second album.

Did You Know? Lanco were offered a record deal on the spot after Sony Music Nashville executives saw them perform live.

Lanco's "Rival" Lyrics:

Never back down, never gonna quit / Other side of the tracks, this hometown kid / I'm the one that you heard about / Outside of the in-crowd / Heart on my sleeve and I'm beating my chest / Got a lotta enemies but I never lose rest / Every penny that I get I earn / One day y'all gonna learn


I rumble and I roar / I'm winning, I ain't even keeping score / It's a movement, a revival / And if you ain't with me, you're the rival

Ever since I was young I cut my own path / You can go and make fun, I'ma get the last laugh / I'm on top of the world now / If you don't like it you can shut your mouth / I'm singing like

Repeat Chorus

Never back down, never gonna quit
Never back down, never gonna quit

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