The results are in, and Sarah Ross' upbeat track about bad relationships won her third week of KICK It or Keep It!

Sarah Ross vs Jimmie Allen results

Sarah Ross has just dominated every challenger we've put in front of her, that I feel bad for ever doubting her. Not that I did, I just thought her road to four wins would be a little tougher, a little closer, than it has been. But her upbeat spring tune just seemingly cannot be stopped. And Jimmie Allen had a very good song in Best Shot. She's just one week away from making it to four wins and earning a permanent spot in our rotation, but she's got one last hurdle to clear. Find out who she faces Monday morning at 9:15

While this may be the end of the road for Jimmie Allen this time, he could still come back as a second chance artist later on.

Here is your victor, Sarah Ross with Doin' Just Fine.

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