Jordan Davis' duet with Julia Michaels, "Cool Anymore," is an ode to getting to that comfortable stage in a relationship when you can let your guard down and stop worrying about trying to impress your love interest. Davis says he's excited about the song's message, but he's even more excited that he got the chance to work with Michaels as a duet partner.

In fact, before Davis and Michaels got to know each other as singing partners, they met as co-writers. Both artists have a strong background in songwriting, and Davis explains that Michaels immediately made an impression on him with her talents as a writer. Years later, when he was thinking about who he might want to record a duet with, Michaels was the first vocalist who came to mind.

Read on to learn the story behind the creation of "Cool Anymore," told by Davis himself.

I wrote with Julia probably four years ago and was just blown away by how talented she was. This is before she had released any music, before she kind of became Julia Michaels the artist. She was killing it as a songwriter at that time.

But, you know, I wrote that song with Nicolle Galyon and Emily Weisband and Ross Copperman. I came into it that day and was like, "I wanna do a duet, and a dream collaboration would be Julia Michaels."

So we tried to hone in on what we thought Julia would do. She obviously ended up taking the song and making it her own, which was super amazing. But I was really super blessed that she dug the song, liked it, and, man, she just absolutely crushes it.

I'm happy to have it out in the world. I love the message of it, love what it says, and I'm really happy Julia's on it.

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